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New book about Space Architecture is out!

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Space Architecture Education for Engineers and Architects
Designing and Planning Beyond Earth
by Häuplik-Meusburger, Sandra, Bannova, Olga

just released:

With a foreword written by the Former NASA Astronaut Dr. Bonnie Dunbar

and with Guest Chapters (in order of appearance):
Chris Welch on ‘The Essence of Interdisciplinarity’
Brand N. Griffin on ‘The Role of the Space Architect’
Brent Sherwood on ‘Space Architecture Education—Site, Program, and Meaning’
Marc M. Cohen on ‘Mockups 101: Technology Readiness Levels for Mockups and Simulators’
Madhu Thangavelu on ‘The Moon or Mars: Where might we settle first?’
Theodore W. Hall on ‘Artificial Gravity and Implications for Space Architecture’
Cesare Lobascio on ‘Environmental Control and Life Support Systems’
Haym Bennaroya and Leonard Bernold on ‘Engineering and Construction of LunarBases’
Kriss J. Kennedy on ‘The TransHab Project’