Exploring Aerospace Careers in Space Architecture

Listen to Dr. Robert Howard (NASA JSC), SICSA graduate Clare Luckey (NASA JSC) and SICSA Director Dr. Olga Bannova discussing SPACE ARCHITECTURE with Vince Mickens in his show "All Things Aviation & Aerospace with Vince Mickens" - 'EVERYTHING YOU OUGHT TO KNOW ABOUT THIS THRIVING INDUSTRY'

This 3-Part Interview Series Released on February 16 titled "EXPLORING AEROSPACE CAREERS in SPACE ARCHITECTURE"

Private Air Media Viewing Options

Part 1 Interview with Dr. Robert Howard on YouTube: https://youtu.be/_DyPP4ZyR0M

Part 1 Interview with Dr. Robert Howard Facebook Link: https://fb.watch/iUudBnhTj1/

Part 2 Interview with Clare Luckey YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/DmFfZcnvKD4

Part 2 Interview with Clare Luckey Facebook Link: https://fb.watch/iUVjpngnQj/

Part 3 Interview with Dr. Olga Bannova YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/aanvzc1IRIE

Part 3 Interview with Dr. Olga Bannova Facebook Link: https://fb.watch/iYpg037HVN/

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