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ASCE Earth and Space 2024 19th Biennial International Conference: Call for abstracts deadline July 15th, 2023

Kovens Conference Center, Florida International University, Miami, Florida

The 19th ASCE ASD Biennial International Conference on Engineering, Science, Construction and Operations in Challenging Environment (Earth & Space 2024) Conference will be held in the greater Miami, Florida, USA; April 15-18, 2024. Attendees will explore the cutting edge in engineering, science, construction, and operations for extreme environments on Earth, Moon, Mars and beyond. The Conference is an excellent opportunity to connect with experts and share knowledge in civil engineering, aerospace engineering, and extreme environments on Earth and in Space.

The following symposia have been planned for the conference:

Symposium 1: Granular Materials in Space Exploration

Symposium 2: Exploration and Utilization of Extra-Terrestrial Bodies

Symposium 3: Advanced Materials and Designs for Aerospace and Terrestrial Structures under Extreme Environments

Symposium 4: Structures in Challenging Environments: Dynamics, Controls, Smart Structures, Health Monitoring and Sensors

Symposium 5: Space Engineering, Construction, and Architecture for Moon, Mars, and Beyond