Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture

Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture (SICSA)

  • RASC-AL 2017 competition
    SICSA students are RASC-AL competition finalists
  • AIAA Human Spaceflight: Phobos Base Design Competition
    2016-2017 First Place winners
  • Genesis Single Person Spacecraft Interior Design Competition
    SICSA Students Win Superior Design Award
  • Ancile-Hab
    The Shield of Mars. SICSA team was one of ‘Top 30’ finalists of 3D-printed Habitat Challenge competition.
  • Space Exploration
    Modular Architecture for 0-G
  • Lunar Habitat
    Surface Habitat Concept
  • Space Exploration
  • The Expedition
    A Cislunar / Martian Orbiter
  • Deep Space Exploration
    Mission to Phobos and Deimos
  • Planetary Exploration
    Mars Surface Base
  • Extreme Environment
    Offshore Oil Rig Re-Purposing
  • Mars Transfer Vehicle
    Re-Configurable Building System


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SICSA is actively pursuing opportunities to capitalize upon its unique advantages to expand activities and resources. The establishment of the MS-Space Architecture program is a timely initiative, occurring as the emphasis of NASA and the larger aerospace community are in beginning stages of gearing up to address an ambitious US space exploration mandate. This development presents many challenges and opportunities that relate directly to SICSA’s recognized areas of expertise and accomplishment. SICSA's faculty prepared a number of Lecture Series reports in areas of their knowledge. SICSA’s Lecture Series summarize knowledge and important issues related to SICSA’s research and design endeavors.

SICSA’s faculty and graduate students routinely present technical papers at major national and international conferences sponsored by key professional societies and associa  tions, and often serving as invited speakers and session leaders at these events.