• Space Architecture Program Welcomes Nippon Foundation Chairman Yohei Sasakawa

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  • Falcon Heavy Rocket Will Be One Of Spacex’s Biggest Tests Yet: Olga Bannova Speaks With LA Times

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  • RASC-AL 2017 competition

    SICSA students are RASC-AL competition finalists

  • AIAA Human Spaceflight: Phobos Base Design Competition

    2016-2017 First Place winners

  • Genesis Single Person Spacecraft Interior Design Competition

    SICSA Students Win Superior Design Award

  • Ancile-Hab

    The Shield of Mars. SICSA team was one of ‘Top 30’ finalists of 3D-printed Habitat Challenge competition.

  • Space Exploration

    Modular Architecture for 0-G

  • Lunar Habitat

    Surface Habitat Concept

  • Space Exploration


  • The Expedition

    A Cislunar / Martian Orbiter

  • Deep Space Exploration

    Mission to Phobos and Deimos

  • Planetary Exploration

    Mars Surface Base

  • Extreme Environment

    Offshore Oil Rig Re-Purposing

  • Mars Transfer Vehicle

    Re-Configurable Building System

College of Engineering News

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers at UH is Number One in the U.S.A.
Every year, as a marketing activity, the leadership board of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers at UH, recently named outstanding large chapter of the year by the national organization, brainstorms to create the next…
 (L-R) Katherine Velasco, historian; Belinda Herrera, new member rep.; Luis Espinoza, VP for external affairs; Daniel Cariel, VP for internal affairs; Maria Violeta Paez, president; Diana Enriquez, regional rep.; Samantha Bryant, secretary; Oscar Rodriguez, treasurer
20 New Faces and Brilliant Minds Join the UH Cullen College of Engineering Faculty, Including Four National Academy of Engineering Members
The Cullen College of Engineering proudly welcomes some of the most brilliant minds in the engineering field to its faculty during the 2016 - 2017 year. Biomedical Engineering Member of the National Academy of Engineering Jerome…
Spread out in different departments and new to the Cullen College are some of the most brilliant minds in engineering, including four members of the National Academy of Engineering
PHOTOS: H. David Hibbitt Rockwell Lecture
Computer simulation software allows engineers to predict how certain materials will perform under specific – and often extreme – conditions. For instance, major advances in aerospace and flight were made possible due to…
PHOTOS: UH Engineering Celebrates 75th Anniversary and Homecoming
Friends of the UH Cullen College of Engineering gathered for barbeque, drinks and games to celebrate the college’s 75th anniversary and gear up for the 2016 UH Football Homecoming game on Saturday, Nov. 12th outside of…
PHOTOS: Engineering Leadership Board Dinner and Meeting
Houston’s leaders in industry, academia and government who make up the UH Cullen College’s Engineering Leadership Board (ELB) gathered for the annual ELB Dinner at The Houston Club on Nov. 11. Joseph W. Tedesco, Elizabeth D.…
PHOTOS: Michael Kavanaugh Engineering Rockwell Lecture
There are a lot of decisionmaking trade-offs on the path to a sustainable future. Michael Kavanaugh, senior principal at Geosyntec Consultants Inc. and member of the National Academy of Engineering, visited the UH Cullen College…
NAE Member and Rockwell lecturer Michael Kavanaugh, left, accepts plaque from Roberto Ballarini, chair of civil engineering
Forbes.com Lauds University of Houston as Leader in Engineering Research and Education
A recent article published by Forbes.com lauds the University of Houston as an epicenter of energy and engineering education and research, calling the school “increasingly a rival to places like MIT in advancing not just cleaner…
VIDEO: Engineers and Engineering in the Movies
Once upon a time you got your best action and science fiction fix from the movies. “2001: A Space Odyssey” showed us how pedestrian structures on the moon might seem; Walt Disney brought us tiny robots called microbots in “…
UH Space Architects Present Plans for Mars Mission to Buzz Aldrin
Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second person to walk on the Moon, met with University of Houston space architecture students on October 12 to hear their plans for establishing human settlements on Mars. Space architecture…
Photos: Women in Manufacturing Events Hosted at UH Engineering
There was a time in the not-so-distant past when women in manufacturing jobs were hard to come by. It wasn’t until World War II when, faced with a depleted workforce, American women rolled up their sleeves and went to work in…